Virtual Team Building Question

What is Virtual Team Building?

You manage teams across the country or in different parts of the world. Now you’re wondering how to get them to work cohesively as a unit

Well that’s when you explore the possibilities of Virtual Team Building. Chances are that you’ve already tried some silly Video Call based activity or a whiteboard activity. Those are not really virtual  activities for teams. Those are a waste of time. 

Virtual Team Building Activities (the way we define it) is when the experience is Immersive, the plot/storyline – engaging and the actual game, collaborative. That’s when it works for a team. 


What we Do

We understand your virtual team building / remote engagement
requirement and can create magic with it - impactfully.
Neve Envelope 1 | Virtual Escapes
How it Works

Play on a zoom/teams or any other video conferencing platform. Play as a team.

Neve Map 1 | Virtual Escapes
The Experience

Our activities have been created in Immersive 3D - you can't get more immersive than that. Unless you use a VR headset, and that's compatible too.

Neve Photography 1 | Virtual Escapes
The Immersiveness

Photo-realistic and hyper-realistic graphics to immerse your team

Neve Phone 1 | Virtual Escapes
All devices

Our Virtual team building activities are browser based - so no pesky downloads, permissions or ads.

Neve Chart Up 1 | Virtual Escapes


Different designs & themes

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Satisfied customers

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5-star Feedback

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Virtual Team Building at a Glance

For all your corporate team building needs that require distributed or remote teams to work together.

Virtual Team Building

Every team needs a release. Especially if they work in different cities, countries, time zones or days in a hybrid environment. Our Virtual activities are for your teams and they are for everyone. Anywhere.

Virtual Team Building

Cost Effective

With virtual team building, you can conduct an activity every week and it still wont’ break the bank. But we recommend that you think of engaging your team either once a month or once every two months. A better wayto build your team. 

Escape Room Virtual Team Building

From Realistic to Fantasy

Our activities are themed to suit all requirements. Murder Mysteries, Escapes, Fantasy settings, Dystopian Worlds, Futuristic, Retro, Historical and more. 

Nv 6 | Virtual Escapes


Our treasure hunt can take you to different parts of the world – places you’ve hoped to visit, but now you can – virtually

Virtual Team Building Activities Remote Engagement

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We understand corporate engagement and virtual team building and know how to create escapes suited for you