Virtual Team Building and Remote Engagement Ideas for Teams, Mystery Seekers or Just Entertainment

Neve Dollar 1 | Virtual Escapes

Custom Projects

We'll create the experience for you, based on your requirement. Include Logo, custom puzzles etc

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30 Mins, 45 Mins & 60 Mins

Versions with different experience and timelines. Because not all teams have the same amount of time

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Satisfaction guaranteed

The experience is unique and designed by experts. We're yet to hear any complaints and we'd hate to break that record

Virtual Team Building Question

What Are Virtual Escapes?

Not your travel destination. Definitely not La La Land. Virtual escapes are missions, adventures, escape rooms, thrills that you can play on any device. Perfect for today’s virtual team building environment


What we Do

We understand your virtual team building / remote engagement
requirement and can create magic with it
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The Design

The workflow, the puzzles, the engagement

Neve Map 1 | Virtual Escapes
The Experience

Custom engagement is more than game play. It's about giving you the opportunity to believe

Neve Photography 1 | Virtual Escapes
The Immersiveness

Photo-realistic and hyper-realistic graphics to immerse the user in the escape

Neve Phone 1 | Virtual Escapes
All devices

What we create is browser based - so no pesky downloads, permissions or ads.

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Different designs & themes

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Satisfied customers

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5-star Feedback

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Virtual Escapes at a Glance

For Mystery Seekers, Thrill Junkies, Murder Club Enthusiasts
Corporates, virtual team building or to overcome your WFH boredom

Virtual Team Building

Every team needs a release. Especially now that they don’t have too many opportunities to meet. Try Virtual Escapes. Or learn more about Tryitowl – the parent company

Virtual Team Building

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are still the rage. The virtual escapes are designed for fun and enjoyment. You and your team will love the puzzles and also the theme. 

Escape Room Virtual Team Building

From Realistic to Fantasy

We can create experiences based on your requirement – so don’t hold back

Nv 6 | Virtual Escapes


Our treasure hunt can take you to different parts of the world – places you’ve hoped to visit, but now you can – virtually

Virtual Team Building Remote Engagement

Get in Touch

We understand corporate engagement and virtual team building and know how to create escapes suited for you